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Let Us Shed Some Light On Your Crawl Space

The space underneath your Richmond, Glen Allen, or Mechanicsville home. A properly conditioned and maintained crawl space requires dry air and a proper ventilation system in order to prevent all of the ground moisture from rotting the wood and contributing to mold development within the area. With proper crawl space ventilation, the moisture and air are monitored and managed to provide you with optimal conditions for your crawl space. Even the most beautiful house can be built upon a foundation that is crumbling and poorly-optimized. This is where House Rangers comes in.

House Rangers provides Richmond, Glen Allen, & Mechanicsville VA the best solution for dealing with crawl space ventilation and mold removal. One of the most common and often costly solutions for dealing with crawl space issues involves what is known as crawl space encapsulation. While yes, this method may be effective for a set time, its purpose is to control the ground moisture from rising up into your home’s foundation. In essence, this is only half of the solution.

House Rangers takes a thorough, in-depth look at your crawl space area. We factor in the air that comes in from your foundation’s vents and openings. Heat, humidity, and stagnant air flow all combine to affect moisture build-up and condensation absorption into your home’s foundation. Luckily, House Rangers has many years of professional experience handling these exact problems in a complex, streamlined way that is sure to cover all of your home’s needs.

  • Atmox® Moisture Control System
  • Insulation – Remove & Install

  • Vapor Barrier – Remove & Install

  • Gutters & Drains – Repair & Redirect

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What We Do

House Rangers has a team of certified professionals who follow a company-wide set of protocols and procedures to ensure that your crawl space is properly ventilated. House Rangers is one of the few companies who are licensed and endorsed by Atmox®, a high-quality moisture control system, which monitors the humidity levels in your crawl space area. By removing this unwanted moisture from underneath your home’s foundation, the Atmox system helps prevent many problems before they start. This is an extremely cost-efficient and energy-saving alternative to crawl space encapsulation.

In addition to our superior Richmond crawl space ventilation skills, House Rangers is your go-to businesses for mold and fungus removal, as well as the ensuing surface treatment. Unfortunately, when left unchecked, your crawl space can run rampant with excess moisture, contributing to fungus and mildew growth. This fungus not only affects the strength of your home’s foundation, but the quality of air that you and your family are breathing in on a daily basis. If you have family members with health issues, new-born children, or multiple people in your home, it’s vital that your crawl space is ventilated properly and professionally.

Our Values & Morals

House Rangers is here for you. We love to please our customers, and truly enjoy building personal relationships with everyone we help. Our process and procedure are family-friendly, and safe for the whole house. We don’t utilize anything toxic or harmful, and make sure you are fully aware of everything that is being completed throughout the process. If you’re in Richmond, Glen Allen, Mechanicsville VA, or Las Vegas NV, call House Rangers today for your crawl space ventilation and mold removal needs.


A Cost Effective Controlled Ventilation System

The Atmox® System monitors the humidity levels in your crawl space. By removing unwanted moisture from under your home, Atmox® helps prevent many crawl space problems. This system is an energy efficient and cost effective alternative to foundation encapsulation.

  • Manages humidity levels

  • Prevents build-up of mold and mildew

  • Prevents odors associated with high moisture levels

  • Prevents wood rot due to excessive moisture levels in wood

  • Prevents intrusion of pests attracted to moisture and rotting wood

  • A fraction of the cost of complete encapsulation

  • Lower energy cost than continuous operation of a de-humidifier unit

  • No chemicals = no odor JUST AIR

  • Digital monitoring system and low voltage circuitry is easy to operate

  • Fans and Sensor components produce virtually no noise

  • Full 3 year warranty on all fan components & electronics

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We are here to answer any questions you have about improving your home.

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