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To many homeowners, the process and techniques for natural attic ventilation may seem very odd and somewhat contradictory. In essence, you add insulation for warmth purposes, and then you purposely allow a steady amount of cold air to enter your attic space through external vents, keeping your attic space the perfect temperature, humidity level, and ensuring it is energy-efficient. There are many reasons for ensuring your attic space is properly ventilated. In the winter time, it is vital that there is a current of external air going through your attic to ensure it stays cold, reducing the probability of an event known as “ice damming” from occurring, which is where snow melts off of your roof of your home, because your attic is too warm, and then consequently freezes again, but inside of your gutters or external vents, causing severe damage to your home’s structure.

On the flip side, during hot summer months, proper attic ventilation is necessary for not only your personal comfort, but for your home’s strength and durability as well. A series of fans and ventilation systems within your attic are meant to help cool down the overall temperature by drawing in outside air from vents known as soffit vents, and utilizing a ventilation system to expel the heated air outside. In many cases, improper attic ventilation does not allow this to occur, causing many unnecessary problems, such as: shingles warping, an increased amount of work for your air conditioner, and a severe increase in your utility bills. There are many positives to having the best attic ventilation company come service your home, because you know that the results will show in both your comfort and your wallet.

House Rangers prides ourselves on providing an expert installation of your attic ventilation needs. We have certified professionals who are able to ensure the comfort of your home & the safety of the foundation surrounding it as well. When you’re ready to get started with an initial consultation, give us a call, and we’ll be happy to help.