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House Rangers knows that working within your constricting crawl space area can be tough. One day, your space could be below freezing temperatures, and the very next, it could be sweltering hot. The environment below your home is constantly exposed to extreme temperature changes. A proper crawl space insulation setup requires an experienced professional to get the job done correctly. A controlled crawl space insulation system will not only improve the overall health of your home, but also help to prevent any kinds of hidden, potentially dangerous structural repairs that may arise, such as wood rot and foundation deterioration. It also has positive effects on the interior comfort of your home.

Crawl space insulation is extremely important when renovating an existing structure or building a new home. The climate your home is located in, as well as the layout of your home’s lower foundation, all contribute to the humidity, heat, and unnatural airflow that combine to truly affect your moisture build-up and absorption into your home’s foundation. Not having proper insulation can lead to your home’s wooden structures to become warped and distorted, leading to many different problems.

Some of the key issues we specialize in reducing and regulating through our crawl space insulation processes:

  • Irregular Temperature Levels
  • Humidity & Moisture Fluctuations
  • Excess/Not Enough Moisture – Balance is the key here.
  • Inconsistent or Non-existent Airflow

Everyone knows that your crawl space can become musty, dark, and damp. This is the last thing that you want happening, which is why a properly ventilated crawlspace is a must. However, what many people don’t understand is that the moisture, humidity, airflow, and heat levels are all affected by the quality of your crawl space insulation as well:

It is important to take into account when moving into a new home or renovating an existing one not only your crawl space moisture levels, but the quality of the insulation going up as well. Proper steps must be put in place before hand, such as the installation of a durable vapor barrier by experienced, licensed professionals, before your house’s foundation is truly stable.

When we inspect and go through your crawl space, if necessary, we will also remove old installation and install Unfaced or Encapsulated R19 insulation, some of the best available. Over time, insulation begins to break down and lose its efficiency, increasing the energy loss of your home. New insulation is not only healthy for your home’s structure, but for your utility bill as well.

House Rangers knows that crawl space insulation across the country, from Las Vegas to Richmond, can be hard to find expert installers for, but we are some of the best in town. Hiring us means hiring not only a local, dependable, high-quality installer for life, but a friendly neighborhood face to go along with it. Let us help you Find Hidden Problems Before They Become Hidden Damages™!