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House Rangers specializes in various types of ventilation. In general, crawl space ventilation is one of the biggest “unseen” problems that many home owners will encounter at one point or another. When was the last time you crawled underneath your home to check out your foundation? House Rangers prides itself on our thorough process and in-depth review of everything involved. In fact, one of our favorite quotes is:

“Finding Hidden Problems Before They Become Hidden Dangers”™

How often have you heard of a homeowner, whether it’s a friend, family member, or someone you saw on a recent HGTV show, encounter an issue with their home after it’s too late, and everything has been finalized? One of the most common types of these unforeseen issues has to do with improper crawl space ventilation. Incorrectly ventilated spaces, during both the building phase of the house and the ongoing maintenance phases, are one of the leading causes of ongoing structural damage. It is a slow, but steady, process that is sure to cost you a lot of money once the “hidden problems” become “hidden dangers”.

With the constant weather changes, climate shifts, and old building foundations, there are numerous issues that can arise across the country in any home’s crawl space, from beautiful Las Vegas to vibrant Richmond. The United States is known for its constantly fluctuating temperatures, humidity levels, and extreme weather changes. This can lead to many problems regarding ventilation of your crawl space. Warping structures, temperature issues, leaking foundations, and many other problems will be hidden until it’s too late. Whether you are looking for the best crawl space ventilation experts in Richmond, or a licensed ventilation professional in Las Vegas, House Rangers is here for you.

The House Rangers Process

Our crawl space ventilation process involves the homeowner every step of the way. Our business lives to serve our faithful customers, and we do everything in our power to make sure you are satisfied with the entire process. We will first start by beginning with a consultation meeting involving our ventilation experts and House Rangers business owners, going over your immediate personal home concerns, your questions, problems, and anything else on your mind. We will pick your brain to ensure we are on the same page with what kind of issues and problems you think you may be encountering, and anything you are interested in looking into further. Afterwards, we will do a general walk-through of your problem areas to determine what we believe should be completed and incorporated into the ventilation process. We are a straight-forward business, and really spend the time and focus required to bring you the satisfaction you’re looking for.

Whether you are looking for a complete crawl space ventilation process, or the best crawl space ventilation system, we are there for you. We ensure you that we are an open, honest, caring, & fair company that loves to interact with our customers and truly build out foundational relationships. We utilize a combination of natural air, fans, ventilation systems, and our ATMOX® Moisture Control System to monitor the moisture levels in your crawl space. By exchanging better, healthier air underneath your home and foundation, we help prevent many crawl space problems.

Improperly ventilated crawl space

Improperly ventilated crawl space

Crawl space ventilation problems

Crawl space ventilation problems

Our crawl space ventilation systems are energy-efficient, cost-effective, and an excellent alternative to expensive foundation encapsulation. It all starts with a quality vapor barrier in the crawl space, and we work with the home owner to step-solve a solution to the issues. This is very important because so many of our competitors only offer a very expensive “cure”.