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House Rangers knows that working within your attic can be tough. One day, your attic could be below freezing temperatures, and the very next, it could be sweltering hot. Your attic space above your home is constantly exposed to extreme temperature changes, especially here in Richmond VA. A proper attic setup requires steady, uninterrupted airflow and a proper ventilation system. A controlled ventilation/insulation system will not only extend your roof life, but also help to prevent any kinds of common, unseen structural repairs that may arise, such as wood rot and roof damage. It can also provide positive effects on the comfort of your home.

Attic & crawl space insulation is extremely important when renovating or building a new home. The air that is coming in from the outside of your home, through Gable vents, Soffets, & Ridge Vent openings, all contribute to the humidity, heat, and unnatural airflow that combine to truly affect your moisture build-up and absorption into your home’s foundation. Roof joists, sheathing, and standard insulation can all be warped and distorted, leading to many diferent problems.

Our attic and crawl space insulation techniques, utilizing the Atmox® Controlled Ventilation System as well as a variety of other expert tools and systems, allow us to remove unwanted moisture, seal up any cracks and leaks in your foundation, and help prevent many future attic problems. Our system of insulating both crawl spaces and attic spaces is both energy efficient and cost efficient, and is a way better alternative than having a large, noisy, cost inefficient high-voltage fans running all of the time.

Some of the issues we specialize in reducing and regulating through our Attic & Crawl Space Insulation Processes:

  • Fluctuating Heat
  • Humidity and Moisture Levels
  • Inconsistent or Non-Existent Airflow
  • Excess/Not Enough Moisture -> Finding the proper balance is the key

Crawl Space Insulation

Everyone knows that your crawl space can become musty, dark, and damp. This is the last thing that you want happening, which is why a properly ventilated and configured crawl space is a must. However, what many people don’t understand is that the moisture & humidity levels, airflow, and heat levels are all affected by the quality of your crawl space insulation as well.

It is important to take into account not only your crawl space moisture control, but the insulation going up as well. Proper steps must be put in place before hand, such as the installation of a vapor barrier by experienced, licensed professionals, before your house’s foundation is truly stable. House Rangers knows that crawl space insulation in Richmond can be hard to find decent installers for, but we are some of the best in town. Hiring us means hiring not only a local, dependable, high-quality installer for life, but a friendly neighborhood face to go along with it.

When we inspect and go through your crawl space, if necessary, we will also remove old installation and install Unfaced or Encapsulated R19 insulation, some of the best available. Over time, insulation begins to break down and lose it’s efficiency, increasing the energy loss of your home. New insulation is not only health for your home’s structure, but for your utility bill as well.

Attic Insulation

Having the proper attic insulation is vital when it comes to a huge variety of things in your home, including your heating and air conditioning bills, along with a large range of other potential issues and problems. House Rangers specializes in both crawl space insulation and attic insulation, and our certified professionals are some of the best in Richmond at what they do.

Both our attic insulation products and our crawl space insulation products are extremely energy-efficient, low-voltage items. This means that a few significant things:

  1. You won’t be responsible for an enormous utilities bill because your insulation installers put in high-voltage wiring and non-energy efficient systems or materials.
  2. Your initial and total cost of your services drops, because we are a no-frills company who only brings you what you need. Having low-voltage wiring and products installed causes no drop in performance, but a noticeable drop in your savings.

When we walk through your attic, we will decide whether to use rolled batt or blown-in insulation, or possibly both, to keep your home more comfortable and to help reduce your energy costs as low as possible.

Most big-name companies don’t take the time and effort to truly create a great process for their customers. Here at House Rangers, we ensure you that we dedicate ourselves fully to your project, and walk you step by step through the process. Chain brand businesses only want your money, so they will recommend all kinds of procedures, gadgets, and other types of unnecessary products and services when they do your initial consultation. House Rangers is unlike any others. We will walk through your attic space with you, pointing out any problematic areas or other issues of concern that we notice along the way, and leave out whatever we think is okay. It isn’t our style to push our customers just to make a sale. We prefer having organic, face to face conversation that truly creates relationships.

So when you’re ready to get started with your crawl space insulation process or attic insulation procedure here in the Richmond, Glen Allen, or other surrounding areas, give House Rangers a call! You will be certainly satisfied with our service.