Mild Winter Will Cause Crawlspace Problems This Summer

//Mild Winter Will Cause Crawlspace Problems This Summer

Mild Winter Will Cause Crawlspace Problems This Summer

 As much as some of us like the mild weather we have had the past few months, it can and will cause problems this summer in crawlspaces that are not properly ventilated.

“When we get significant periods of time with temperatures below the 30 and 20 degree marks it causes moisture to pull away from the foundation of the house which allows the whole crawlspace to ‘recover’ from the hot, humid and moist season” according to Bob and Christine of HouseRangers – a Glen Allen based Class A Contractor specializing in crawlspace and attic ventilation.

Christine adds: “ All winter we have seen high moisture content of the wood floor joists we test in the crawlspace – 15%, 16% and even higher. We expect the wood moisture to be in single digits in January and February and we haven’t seen that this winter.”

You can buy all the expensive furnishings to have inside your house, but if your crawlspace has horrible air it will get into your living area. “and then your sitting on an expensive couch in a house full of dirty air !” laughed Christine. A crawlspace can be ‘out of sight and out of mind’, but it is especially concerning because the age of the homes in the Wyndham – Twin Hickory Nuckols Rd. corridor are getting to that where persistent high wood moisture begins to convert to wood decay.

“Wood moisture is reversible” Bob says “but wood decay is not. Wood decay is evidence of years of moisture problems and often leads to extensive and costly structural repair.” He continues “and even when proper repairs are made, you can never completely hide the fact that there was a past problem – this really matters when a house is sold and inspected”

Give Christine a call today at (804) 887-0440 or send her an email at to schedule a complimentary crawlspace evaluation which will include wood moisture readings. Out of sight and out of mind can be costly – but peace of mind is priceless!

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