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Often times, costly remediation processes can be avoided with a good quality surface cleaning. One of the more hidden problems regarding homes, whether you live in sunny Las Vegas or humid Richmond, is the growth of a variety of surface issues, including mold, mildew, fungus, & other potentially harmful bacteria. In general, there is a two-part process to mold removal and remediation: the actual removal of the mold/fungus/bacteria itself, and the subsequent cleaning & treatment of the affected surface. Many companies will remove mold and leave it at that. We take it a step further and produce results that are meant to last. We believe in our products and our working team, which helps contribute to their high-quality and dependable-nature.

Homes are sprouting up at an extremely quick rate, and only going up quicker. When the turnaround times on the house construction begin to become too fast, it’s only natural that the quality of the product will tend to deteriorate over time, or may be improperly installed or fitted from the start. A single rushed moment during any part of a home’s construction and be the crack in the foundation that turns into a huge problem.

Mold Removal & Treatment

If your crawl space, attic area, or other section of your home and foundation has begun to produce a unpleasant odor, or has visible fungus or discoloration growing on surfaces, contact us for a consultation on how to remove and prevent future growth of these potentially harmful harmful items. In the majority of home cases, a simple drying and de-humidifying system in the crawl space or attic space is not enough to remove and prevent the development of mold, mildew, and fungus.

Have you noticed discoloration, general cleanliness, random debris and junk laying around your crawl space or attic issues? Call House Rangers! We not only specialize in crawl space ventilation, attic ventilation, and moisture control, but surface treatment and surface cleaning as well. Our professional home experts know the ins and outs of removing discoloration and fungus. Letting these issues continue to grow and spread can do nothing but harm, for your home, your foundation, and your family. Take care of this hidden problem before it becomes a hidden danger! ™

House Rangers uses a specialized product called OxyPar, a peroxide-based, safe to use product that helps clean wood and wipe away any bacteria, mold, fungus, or other kind of residue.

If your home’s crawl space ventilation or attic area ventilation isn’t properly configured, the moisture levels within can become out of control, and cause costly problems. While a lot of the time this goes unnoticed, by the time you start to realize something is wrong, it may be too late and more costly to fix.

Call House Rangers today to schedule a consultation and walk-through of your home. Let us go through your attic, basement, and/or crawlspace, and see if there are any signs of surface discoloration, leaking, cracks, gaps, and more. We are a locally owned company and will not push any kind of product or service on you that you don’t need.