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Bob & Christine are the owners & operators of House Rangers. They have a simple business philosophy similar to the golden rule: “Treat our customers like our friends & family”. There are many business owners out there who will not think twice before trying to cheat and scam you out of your hard-earned money. Bob & Christine are different. They love developing relationships and lasting friendships with their clients, and truly like to be involved in every step of the business. They originally started the business based out of Richmond, VA and have expanded across the country ever since because of their amazing results and success. Their expertise on their company’s services is unmatched, and it truly shows. While Bob & Christine are often called on to take care of problems after they are out of hand and beyond a simple issue – they prefer to “Fix hidden problems before they become hidden dangers”.


Austin Holme started working with House Rangers back in 2013. He is one of our most agile workers, and can reach those pesky, difficult areas in crawl spaces and attics. Austin is one of our specialists in vapor barrier installations – he is an absolute pro at measuring and fitting them. Austin considers crawl space and attic issues as puzzle pieces that need to be put together using the right combination of expertise, high-quality products, and hard work. When Austin isn’t helping out with the business, he can be found blocking Phil and Reed’s shots on the ice rink, as a Goalie for the Blue Ridge Bears ice hockey team in the Chesapeake Bay Hockey League.


Phil Marcianti joined the House Rangers team in 2016. Originally, he was working for a local service business, but decided he wanted something more “down to earth” – literally! When Phil entered his first crawl space, it was love at first site. He loves to see the results of their projects and how their hard work pays off in the end. Phil, who is from Jefferson, New Jersey, is a member of the Richmond Generals Junior hockey team, and can be found scoring hat tricks and being successful both on and off the ice.


Reed Wisniewski has been a valuable team member of House Rangers since 2014. He is one of our hardest workers and is not afraid to tackle anything and absolutely everything. There is no crawl space or attic area that is a problem for a person of Reed’s ability. When he’s not out working and crawling through tight squeezes, Reed can be found on the ice (or possibly more often in the penalty box), playing for the Richmond Generals Junior hockey team. He brings years of experience and a great mind-set to the team.