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House Rangers specializes in various types of ventilation. In general, crawl space ventilation is one of the biggest “unseen” problems that many home owners will encounter at one point or another. When was the last time you crawled underneath your home to check out your foundation? House Rangers prides itself on our thorough process and in-depth review of everything involved.

One of our favorite quotes is:

“Finding Hidden Problems Before They Become Hidden Dangers”

Our ventilation process involves the homeowner in every step of the way. We will first have a consultation meeting, going over your concerns, your questions, problems, and anything else on your mind. Afterwards, we will do a general walk-through of your problem areas to determine what we believe should be completed and incorporated into the ventilation process.

There are many problems that can arise, especially here in Richmond, VA, with our constant weather changes, climate shifts, and old building foundations.

Whether you are looking for a complete attic ventilation process, or the best crawl space ventilation system, House Rangers is there for you. We ensure you that we are an open, honest, caring, & fair company that loves to interact with our customers and truly build out foundational relationships. We utilize a combination of natural air, ventilation systems, and our Atmox® Moisture Control System to monitor the moisture levels in your crawl space. By exchanging better, healthier air underneath your home and foundation, we help prevent many crawl space problems.

Our crawl space and attic ventilation systems are energy-efficient, cost-effective, and an excellent alternative to expensive foundation encapsulation. It all starts with a quality vapor barrier in the crawl space, follow by working with the homeowner to step-solve a solution. This last step is extremely important because so many of our competitors only offer a very expensive cure.